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As individuals we always strive to be a little different, to make a litttle difference in our own way and bring a smile on the face of someone in need. This is an ongoing effort.


Similarly, 11 women friends from different backgrounds and different walks of life decided to make this effort collectively. We all joined our hands together and formed "PRAYATNA" an effort to help the needy in year 2011. We make time from our regular schedules to successfully carry on "Namma Prayatna". Successfully , now into our 3rd year, we are glad that our Prayatna is making a difference to atleast a few people. The steady increase of our members is a huge confidence booster that we are going in the right direction. These members are our support and encouragers .



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Sponsoring someone in need means providing financial or other forms of support to help them overcome their difficulties. This support can include money, resources, education, or other services. Sponsoring can make a significant difference in the lives of those who are struggling, especially in developing countries. It can provide opportunities for people to improve their living conditions and achieve their goals. By sponsoring those in need, individuals can make a positive impact and contribute to the betterment of society.All these ladies (homemakes and working) are not only supporting financially but with there presence making this team a great go to for all needy.

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