It is a home for poor children from North East Indian States. It is a branch of Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ashram. All the students from here study at Sant. Meera high School.


Groceries, Biscuits, clothes, blankets, bedspreads and toys were donated.
















This is an orphanage housing children of all ages up to 16 years. Infants  from here are given for adoption legally.  As requested by them a Black board was donated to them.


 We donated Groceries, toiletries, A crib, Toys, bed spreads, blankets and  provided evening snacks of Idli, Sambar to the kids.


We give  a 22 ltr cooker, storage boxes and biscuits.




The primary school children here are Below Poverty Level so we donated Books, Compass Boxes, and chocolates.


Here  poor children from in and around Belgaum are housed. Number of rooms are provided as for their lodging and boarding.


We give Groceries, fruits, clothes etc.





AADHAR: This home houses HIV+ ve children. Doctors visit is very regular. Special care is taken while cooking food for these kids. No outside food is given to them. The children were quite cheerful.


We donate groceries, clothes, Black Board and blankets.


ASHAKIRAN: The children here do not have

HIV +ve though they are HIV+ve .It is controlled by, meditation, medication and proper diet.


We give Books, Pencils, erasers and biscuits.



It is a NGO, there are 35 children who have been labourers in various places. 2 boys were bonded labours who have been rescued. Some are school dropouts. 16 students belong to one particular tribe and have never been to a school or seen a book.


These children are taught by inhouse teachers. But all the children were very well behaved, clean and cheerful. The kitchen, the  rooms and hall were all well maintained.


We were also informed that the Govt Pays Rs 20 per student per day for their 2 meals and breakfast and tea. We were shocked to hear this. Also Rs 200 medical allowance is given covering all students.

This centre is run basically by the help of philanthropists.


We donate groceries, lots of clothes, Plates, glasses, sweets.





This is a home for mentally challenged children run by the family members of the same children. Its School and day care centre for these children. Trained teachers who patiencely teach those children.


We donate  Utensils, clothes, and groceries.



This home is 1 year old and houses 13 children, 6 girls and 7 boys between the age of 5 to 13. Most of these children are orphans. Some are chidren of farm labourers who live below poverty level. All of them are from outside Belgaum whose financial background has been throughly checked.
Morning they are given eggs as prescribed , sprouts and a glass of milk.  
18 types of grains are sprouted, roasted and ground. To this, dry fruits and cinammon(dalchini) are powdered and added. Every evening after school, the children are given this as porridge. Dinner consists of roti, and vegetables to be compulsarily eaten. Some children were shifted to a private school from Govt school. This home runs only on donations and charity and does not accept any Govt aid. The children were very active, looked healthy. They sang and later danced to ' Lungi Dance'. The entire place was very well maintained.



On 21st June, members of  PRAYATNA distributed note books, compass box and set of gel pens to 35 students, and 2 books and pens to another 35 students. These families are all from the weaving community.

As a mark of Appreciation and Gratitude, we requested our donors presently in Belgaum who have donated 5000/-  to distribute the books.

Children sang prayer songs and performed yoga followed by the distribution of books. Snacks were arranged and given to all the people attended the function.

He requested the parents to let their children continue their studies as it is a practise to discontinue the studies and get into weaving.

As an incentive to the children we have announced a bonus to any child scoring 90%.



On Junly 5th,2016, in our bi-monthly visit, we visited Y.K.Kattimani Convent Model School, Belgaum. We donated Rs. 14,000/- as half yearly fees for 7 students (Rs. 2000/- per student)

These students are from financially very weak families and are very brilliant in studies. The school is run privately with no Government aid. The premises and the children were well maintained.



Prayatna members visited New Girls High school, Kore Galli Belgavi on 14th August. Upto 75 girls study in the 8th -10th std . Coming from financially poor background these students come from Macche, Kanbargi , Piranwadi which are rural area's of Belgaum. Some of these children perform their household chores, as well as small jobs to support their families,before coming to School. 


We donated Rs. 300 each towards School Fees for 22 students of 8th, 9th & 10th classes and SSLC Exam fees of Rs 350 each for 10 students, a Total Amount of Rs 1,01,000. 


We sincerely appreciate & Thank all the members for your support, and generous donations, enabling us reach the needy.


PRAYATNA Reg No. BEL/BEL-SP5651-2014-15